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Challenging Team Dynamics Workshop


This workshop is aimed at experienced L&D and HR Professionals.

It is no secret that both the L&D and HR function can really influence business results but on so many occasions they are not invited to the most senior business tables.

We believe it’s time for that to change.

That means it's time to change up the skills and impact both these functions have to offer. Moving away from the road-blocks and constant workshops that are good, but not really great, for business results, this programme opens the door to a whole new area of 'deep team development'

Partnering to bring you this deep dive experience is Jeff Turner, former International L&D Director for Facebook and Maureen Hewitt, CEO and Leadership Team Coach for Positive Success Group.

Together they bring alive the learning necessary to drive lasting impact by giving participants the knowledge, skills and more importantly a process to start this work within their own business.

This ground-breaking 2 Day experiential programme is freshly designed to bring you the best of professional development, team dynamics and a new level of understanding human interactions. Supported with case-studies, models and neuroscience, both days bring into action the latest thought leadership, research and real world facts.

Led by Master Facilitators with decades of experience, this is the most real and relevant way for new skills and behaviours in handling challenging team dynamics to be developed. Bringing the latest research and best practices from across the global team landscape, this is the ultimate place for participants to take the time to develop themselves in a safe space and understand how to integrate deep team facilitation into their role.


Participants will leave the workshop with:

  1. A deep understanding on Team Dynamics and how to discover, design and deliver solutions.
  2. A solid process that they will be able to use for all Team Dynamics assignments.
  3. Having practiced and received feedback on the core parts of the process.
  4. A support pack that they can use as they start to implement the new skills and knowledge that they have learnt.
  5. The opportunity to practice their preferred and most feared delivery situations.
  6. Belong to a community of Team Dynamics Practitioners where they will be able to ask for and give support to each other. (Facebook group)
  7. Actions that they can use to develop their business and personal development.

Jeff and Maureen want to give you the best opportunity for success on this course and so have designed a small amount of pre-course preparation to really set you up for success..

This workshop also comes with 2 FREE group coaching sessions with both Jeff and Maureen to ensure the new learning sticks.

Individual coaching sessions will be available to participants at a reduced chargeable rate if required.

Due to the high-level of engagement required, you can expect a short discussion with one of the facilitators to assess suitability ahead of final registration.


Working Directly with Teams

At TFormation we work with teams and individuals to increase their performance. We do this by working closely with our clients to identify their strengths and passions and understanding the things that are stopping them perform at their optimum.

All teams are different and none of our team interventions are the same.  We complete a deep discovery phase with all team member before we design any solution.  Our solutions cater for the needs of the leader, the overall team and the individuals team members.


We have identified a number of occasions when teams need help the most.

  • When there is a new leader or there is a significant number of new people on the team
  • When there are cross functional tensions
  • When the team is in a large transition or needs to implement a turnaround strategy
  • When the team is in turmoil.  This is usually when trust and or respect has broken down.

These don’t happen in isolation and we have seen many occasions when all four of the above are present.

What we can do

…but only if it’s an interesting problem/company

Manager development strategy

Leadership development

Diversity and inclusion strategy


What we don’t do:

One off Workshops
– let’s be honest, they just don’t work…

Formation House | 2 O’Shea’s Green | Rosbercon | New Ross | Co Wexford | Ireland


Formation House | 2 O'Shea’s Green | Rosbercon
New Ross | Co Wexford |  Ireland